We always get the question… ” How did you get my image in there?”It may be initially difficult to know how your image will look like in your choice of crystal.  We have a few examples below of how your photo goes from the image you took on your phone or camera to a stunning 3D photo gift.

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         Your Image                                      Processing                                           Finish

As a standard, we remove the background from your photo, maximise the quality and adjust the image to black and white scale. The process allows our laser to focus on the best parts of the image. We then use our HD image conversion software to convert this image into a 3D projection.
Once we have worked on your photo, we send it to our high definition in-house lasers. Our lasers then etch your converted photo into the crystal shape you’ve chosen by hitting the crystal with more than 2million points per square inch. That’s a lot of dots to recreate your memory !
Once the laser is done creating the master piece, We then clean your crystal and place it into our gift box ready for the courier to pickup to you.