Best Quality

To create the best quality crystal, please send us a clear, high resolution image of at least 2MB.

This lets us create the best image inside the crystal as possible.

Image Exposure

If your picture has too much light or a flash on the figure, it will have the same brightness and limited detail in the crystal. If your photo is too dark, we won’t be able to pull the subject out and give you the detail you’re expecting

Image Cropping

Try and send an image that has edges that fits well. If your subject is too far in the background of the photo, your image may pixilate when zoomed in. If the photo has edges cropped, important parts may be missed and crystal may not look great.

We Understand

Finally, we understand that the best and important events in your life may not always be digitally perfect, may have unwanted background elements etc. We can work with most images but please call or send us an email if unsure.

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