3d Crystals how its made

At Solid Crystals, we utilize our cutting-edge technology involving a specialized laser system to precisely focus beams of light beneath the surface of the crystal.

This process is guided by an uploaded point-cloud model, determining the depth of each point in the crystal. Each bright point in the model is then meticulously plotted onto the crystal's surface.

Using a high-powered laser beam, we target each three-dimensional coordinate with exceptional accuracy. As the laser reaches the focal point, a controlled and powerful pulse creates a minute void or inclusion within the crystal.

The laser then moves on to the subsequent coordinates, etching another point with precision. Millions of points are etched and a stunning photo design manifests deep within the crystal.

One of the remarkable aspects of our process is that the laser beams are entirely non-invasive, ensuring that no marks or blemishes are left on the crystal's surface.

The final product showcases the intricate design from any angle, resembling a breathtaking three-dimensional sculpture seemingly suspended inside the crystal. At Solid Crystals, we take pride in our advanced techniques that bring your vision to life with unparalleled clarity and artistry.

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